How you benefit from Staffice

Learn about the benefits you will gain from using Staffice in your company

Take your business to the next level

How to combine flexibility and stability for a future-proof company

Business Continuity

Ensure with Staffice that your company remains capable of acting even in times of crisis.


With an increased degree of digitalisation, you achieve increasing independence from physical locations and fixed workplaces.

Communicate securely in real time

Comply with all security regulations by using Staffice for your internal communication.

Error reduction

Anything unclear? With Staffice, all relevant information and contacts of your company are accessible at – so that everything runs smoothly from now on.

Where price and performance are right

No set-up fees, low monthly instalments, can be cancelled at any time:

Convince yourself of the unbeatable advantages Staffice offers your company.

Faster onboarding for new employees

New tasks can be handled faster and better independently and new team members are integrated into the company more quickly.

Avoid staff shortages

Quickly integrate employees from other departments and temporary staff and make them ready for work

Make your company future-proof

Increase staff satisfaction

Increase staff satisfaction through transparency and co-determination and thus increase the sense of belonging and staff motivation.

Digital independence

Digital autonomy and self-efficacy automate processes faster, reduce costs and increase quality.

Optimise your collaboration with these functions