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Clever and affordable time tracking

Are you looking for a simple, fast and inexpensive solution for your time recording? Discover the Staffice employee app now!

Easy time recording via smartphone

In the office, in the field, in the home office or in production: The smartphone is always and everywhere with you. With your Staffice employee app, the cell phone easily becomes a digital time clock.

Digital timesheets – ready for immediate use

Forget expensive time clocks and complex time recording systems. Simply install the Staffice employee app and get started straight away.

All data can be easily exported by your HR department and further processed digitally if required.

Time bookings in the Staffice backend

Convenient functions for your HR management

In the Staffice backend, your HR department always has an overview of all working times and can track bookings and corrections and change them if necessary.

Optional: Check presence

“I can’t reach Ms Arndt, is she on her break right now? Or is she already off work?”

In the Staffice employee app, you record the attendance status of all employees at a glance, if desired.

Every team is different: the attendance list is of course optional and can be deactivated.

Implement time recording easily: Test Staffice now and get the time recording module one year free of charge!