One tool – infinite possibilities

Create custom fillable forms for your employee app in seconds:

Combine as many different types of fields as you like to create checklists, forms and much more. Includes digital signature and secure transmission of photos and documents.

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Document and log

With the flexible Staffice form editor, you are on the safe side: Create forms to securely log activities or states and document them with time stamp and sender.

Transport, incoming / outgoing goods

Monitor deliveries in incoming and outgoing goods and document their quality, completeness and condition directly digitally.


Finally an end to paperwork.
Record counting or weighing results directly in the app and transmit them digitally to the responsible office. For faster evaluations and fewer errors during transmission.


Everything okay?
Record the condition of terrain, buildings, tools and more – with text, photos and signature.

Staff / HR

A real benefit for your HR: With Staffice you create all relevant forms and questionnaires and publish them in the app for everyone, specific groups or individuals.

Manage master data

Create forms in seconds that allow your employees to easily submit changes to their master data via the app: Address changes, name changes, or changes in marital status – sent securely.

Applications and contracts

If you need a signature from your employees for agreements, you can easily do this via the Staffice app.


Generation Z is used to doing everything via apps. How good that this is now possible with Staffice.

Impart knowledge

Whether in the office or in the field, you can inform all employees about guidelines relevant to their area and convey important knowledge in a straightforward manner. With confirmations and digital signatures, your company and your employees are always on the safe side.

Safety instructions

What do I do if…?

Procedural instructions or rules to be followed can be easily refreshed with the form manager. Includes reading confirmation and signature.

New rules and laws

Impart new knowledge for all or specific areas and query knowledge levels – all possible with the Staffice form tool.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Regularly refresh knowledge and document it securely with Staffice.

Completely variable: The right form for every application

Your use cases are not listed here? That’s just because there are infinite possibilities. Almost every purpose can be covered with the Staffice Form Manager.

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Convenient further processing of form data

Flexible, secure data transmission

Sending your form data is possible via SFTP upload or mail – freely selectable per form and purpose.

Secure encryption

Encryption by private / public key is possible and also freely selectable per form. Decryption is done locally on your computer with our Staffice Decryptor Tool (or any other decryption tool of your choice) – your data is absolutely safe.

Connectivity to your systems

The data is transmitted in a machine-readable format. A connection to existing tools is usually possible without any problems (e.g. HR systems, IT systems, stores, etc.).

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