Trustworthy, secure and GDPR-compliant

How to put a tick behind the “security” issue of your employee app with Staffice

Excellent safety

Secure hosting according to your requirements

Choose between:
– Cloud hosting with audited security and Docker technology
– Your own hardware in our data centre
– On Premise Hosting on your own servers

Certified hosting

TÜV-approved hosting with ISO 27001 certification for the highest security standards

GDPR compliant

Staffice complies with all GDPR requirements – so you are on the safe side.

Trusted Brand

21 years of experience in software development stand for quality and safety

The employee app on the private mobile phone? For sure!

Our native apps for Android and iOS are equipped with security technologies that are already successfully used in the banking sector. This means they meet the highest security standards and are also available to employees without a work mobile phone.

  • End-to-end encrypted individual chats
  • Data is stored encrypted within the app
  • Higher security thanks to native implementation

You decide who can see what

End user:

With Staffice’s simple user and group management, you can specify in seconds that certain content should only be seen by certain departments or people

Administration / Backend Users:

By the way, you can just as easily set who is allowed to post which content in the app and who can view which areas of the backend.

Would you like to use Staffice in your company?