Available for all platforms

Use Staffice regardless of the type of workplace and location you work in

Native app for Android and iOS

Our native apps for Android and iOS are equipped with security technologies that we already use successfully in the banking sector. In this way, they meet the highest safety standards.

This level of security allows Staffice to be used on private mobile devices. This means that the app is also available at all times to employees who do not have a computer workstation or a work mobile phone.

Web version

Desk workers can log in comfortably to the browser version of Staffice. This way, they can work without distractions and are always up to date.

Are you interested in an employee app?

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Desktop- / Homeoffice- / Remote-Worker

Desk workers conveniently use the browser version of Staffice during their working hours – no matter where they work from.

Decentralised employees who work alone or in changing teams

Use Staffice in haulage and transport companies, for mobile care, in cleaning companies and much more.


Include employees in manufacturing and production with Staffice, even if they do not have a computer workstation or a company email address.

Branch employees

Control information for your branches so that it always arrives where it is needed.