The central platform for your internal communication

The shortest official channel is a click: Share news and documents, chat with individuals or entire teams and actively involve your workforce in the company through surveys.

All functions at a glance

With you everywhere – available for all platforms

From the office to manufacturing to the field service – with Staffice you connect everyone at every location.


Distribute important news in the News Feed to everyone, specific departments or groups of employees. Distribute important news in the News Feed to everyone, specific departments or groups of employees.

Checklists, forms, digital signature

From work instructions to checklists, forms or safety instructions – with our convenient form manager you can create fillable templates for app and web in seconds.

Secure chat

Chat securely – end-to-end encrypted and with technology that we already use successfully in banking. Use Staffice even on private smartphones – absolutely secure, works council-compliant and GDPR-compliant.

No internet? No problem!

As a native app, Staffice can also be used without internet reception – just like you are used to from other tools on your mobile phone. So that you always have everything important at your fingertips – no matter where you are.

With these tools your internal communication succeeds

Optimise your work processes, strengthen cohesion and increase team spirit in the company


Find out what moves your employees and what they want.


Get feedback in the form of likes and share what you particularly like.


Employee contributions, networking or the classic bulletin board – our boards offer you all the possibilities for creating employee content.


Make it known to everyone what’s going on. With Staffice, each of your events gets the attention it deserves.

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Functions for an effective team

Optimise teamwork in your company and save a lot of time with faster information gathering and digital autonomy.


All the information that is important for smooth operations in your company is available to your employees at all times.


Make documents available with individual rights specifications


In most cases, the duty roster software used can be connected without any problems


All relevant contacts of your company in access.

Intuitive management

A convenient backend system with WYSIWG editor and smartphone preview allows you to easily place your content in the app. Via an interface integration, you can automatically take over content from other platforms if desired.

On the safe side

Meet all security guidelines with the use of Staffice.

GDPR compliant

Comply with the strict EU GDPR guidelines by using Staffice

Regular security updates

The security of your application is always up to date thanks to ongoing updates.

Secure hosting – on premise if desired

GDPR compliant and securely hosted – on premise if desired – so you meet all security standards

The works council also loves it

No private e-mail addresses or mobile phone numbers are used. There is no monitoring of your employees through the app.


Enable all your employees to inform and share across language barriers.

Also provide news and documents in all required languages. Guarantee seamless integration and full participation in the company’s everyday life.

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