Central news or local information – distributed quickly, authentically and to the right target group in the newsfeed.

The newsfeed in video

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A powerful tool for your internal communication

News channel – steering relevant content to the target group

Any number of news channels. Optional or mandatory to subscribe. Open or restricted access by group.

Audios, videos, file attachments

Of course, you can also deliver any number of images, audio and video files and various other file formats with the news.
Your content remains secure within the app at all times.

Push messages

Send particularly important messages via push – so you can reach everyone quickly

Combined image: Happy woman in the office and screenshot of Staffice content planner.

Content Planner:

Schedule news and publish automatically

Clear calendar view

Timing via drag & drop

Optimize your workflows

Keep overview

That’s what counts!

With these functions you can optimise your internal communication

Umfrage Stimmungsbarometer mit der Staffice App


Find out what moves your employees and what they want.

DeepL integration

Easy! – Translate your texts automatically with the connected translation tool DeepL.

Social Features

Likes& comments: actively involve your employees in the design of your corporate communication and thus promote a positive working atmosphere!


More attention for your content: All audios and videos of your news collected in a clearly arranged media library.

Finally reach all your employees