Desktop / Remote

Motivate decentralised teams with a perfectly organised information and communication structure and ensure that everyone has access to documents and important procedures at all times

Staffice chain stores

For chain stores

Control information with one click: for individual branches, for the whole city, for federal states or for all employees everywhere.

For field staff

On the road and still up to date: all information and required documents in the latest versions are always at your fingertips.

Staffice for field service

For manufacturing

Connects people and reduces error rates: important messages, processes and instructions are always right at hand, even without a desktop workstation.

Ready for a new level of team work?

Decentralised working

Keep everyone informed – even if your employees work in different places and in different teams.
For example for:

  • Forwarding agencies
  • Transport companies
  • Building cleaning / facility management
  • Care services
  • and many more

Co-working space

Meeting room schedules or copier operating instructions – in the co-working space you share more than just the workstation. With Staffice you bundle everything in one place – always and everywhere available for all authorised persons.


Staffice connects all your employees – even if they work scattered all over the world

Your options with Staffice

For smaller companies and start ups

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For larger companies

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For educational institutions and social organizations