The right plan for your business

Staffice S

for start-ups and smaller companies
  • up to 30 employees
  • 3,- € / additional employee

Staffice L

for medium-sized and large companies
  • up to 200 employees
  • 1,00 € / additional employee

Staffice XL

Enterprise - for large companies
  • up to 1000 employees
  • over 1000 employees on request
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The service package includes the following standard modules (included in basic fee):

News, documents, contacts, sick leave, push messages

Offer conditions
The offer prices for the winter special apply to all contracts concluded before 31. December 2021.


*) When using the Staffice app, your own logo can be integrated and you can choose from ten predefined colour sets. The app download from the stores is done via Staffice. An own app in the App Store / Play Store as well as further adjustments are only possible when booking the variant “Own app”.

**) The offer prices refer to the provision of your own app in your design via the Apple / Google Stores and the hosting of the backend in the Staffice Cloud in our data centre. For hosting of the backend on your own hardware in the data centre or on your own servers (on premise), please contact us.
The scope of use is limited to the maximum number of users. This results from the users included in the service package and any additional users booked.
“User” means a named person who has been granted access to use the Employee App by the customer (or by ATINO on behalf of the customer). A user may be an employee of the customer or a third party (e.g. freelancer, temporary worker) who uses the Employee App for the customer’s business purposes.
The General Terms and Conditions apply

Start quickly and easily with the basic modules

These functions are already included in the basic app. Get started right away and add Plus modules later if needed.


Finally reach everyone quickly: News controllable by groups, with Important! marker and sent with or without push.


Easily provide work instructions, information, operating instructions and much more

Staffice Contacts


All relevant contacts of your company - with further information and contact options.

Sick Notes

Transmitted quickly and absolutely securely for more planning reliability.

All Plus Modules at a glance

Adapt Staffice to the needs of your company by using Plus Modules
(Prices on request)


Secure chatting even on private mobile phones - end-to-end encrypted and with a technology that we are already successfully using in banking.


Employee contributions, networking or the classic bulletin board - our boards offer you all the possibilities for creating employee content.

Social: Comments

Comment on news, manage comments and reply in the backend: rely on bottom-up communication as a strategic tool in the transformation process of your internal communication.


Find out what concerns your employees and what they really want

Branding / Own App

Your own app in the stores: With your company branding (launcher icon, logo, colours) you increase trust in your app and increase employee loyalty to your company.


Create fillable forms including secure image transfer for your app with our convenient form manager.

Automatic translation

With the DeepL integration, your news articles can be translated automatically with one click. This way you ensure that everyone is equally well informed.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Easily connect Staffice to your Microsoft Teams App for an end-to-end work experience that keeps all your data and info at your fingertips.


Let everyone know what's going on. With Staffice, each of your events gets the attention it deserves.

Transferring content to Wordpress

Your intranet is based on a Wordpress application? Transfer content from Staffice to your intranet fully automatically with our plugin.

Secure document transfer

Send and receive contracts, pay slips and other sensitive documents securely encrypted with your Staffice app.


Do you have special requirements for the hosting of your company applications within your corporate structure? With On-Premise, hosting is possible on your own servers in your own data centre.


In just a few moments, you can provide your employees all the important shortcuts they need for their daily work. You can combine your own links and Staffice modules to create the perfect "toolbox" in your app for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

The packages only differ in the number of employees included – so that every company, from start-ups to large corporations, can benefit from Staffice.

Package S for € 19.90 / month
Our starter package for smaller companies and start-ups:
30 employees included – each additional person 3,- €.

Package M for 49,-€ / month:
Our offer for small and medium-sized companies:
100 employees included – each additional person 2,- €

Package L for 99,-€ / month:
The right choice for medium-sized and larger companies
200 employees included – each additional person 1,- €

Package XL for 399,-€ / month:
The right choice for medium-sized and larger companies
1000 employees included – additional persons on request.

We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable package for you.

Of course, you can switch between the different packages at any time. A change is always made with a lead time of 14 days to the next month.

The basic app contains the functions news, documents, phone book, sick notes and PUSH messages.

Further functions as well as a white label app with your corporate design and your own company app in the stores are available as Plus modules.

Yes, all Plus modules can be combined in any way.

We will be happy to help you put together the most suitable module bundle for your wishes and requirements.

Unser Sales Team erstellt Ihnen gerne ein persönliches Angebot mit Ihren gewählten Plus-Modulen.

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Staffice adapts to your company and your requirements:
You can add new Plus modules at any time. And in the unlikely event that you use a Plus module less than expected, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Both are possible with 14 days’ notice to the next month.

Get Staffice for your organization

Individual solutions

Systems that you already use can in most cases be easily integrated into Staffice. Get in touch with us. Together we will find the best solution for your request.

Duty rosters


Time management

HR portal

Holiday applications

Active Directory Connection


And what do you wish for?

Do you want an individual solution?