At the current time, it is especially important to be able to act quickly and reach everyone immediately. That’s why the Staffice app is currently available to all companies free of charge for three months. This way, you can convince yourself absolutely risk-free that Staffice is the tool that will get you and your employees safely through the crisis.

Use the following features to guide your company through the crisis without losses:

News – keeping everyone up to date at all times, from administration to production to field service – quickly and easily – this is more important than ever, especially in times of crisis.
By assigning news to groups, all messages always reach the relevant recipients. This also avoids flooding the recipients inbox with messages.

SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures, i.e. work instructions with special attention to safety. A safe guideline and clear rules structure the daily work routine in the best way possible and eliminate any uncertainties. This demonstrably reduces the number of additional inquiries to the responsible authorities.

Contacts – because it is important to quickly find the right contact person.

Attestation – Your employees can transmit their attestation immediately, compliant with the GDPR and the works council. For more planning security in your company.

Chat – Your employees communicate via WhatsApp – but now you can prevent that. With Staffice Chat, which is just as convenient, but also meets all GDPR standards with state-of-the-art encryption techniques and takes all relevant regulations into account. Because your data belongs to you.

Duty rosters – planning security paired with the highest possible flexibility. Staffice helps you to master this balancing act. And also ensures that everyone is immediately informed about any changes.

Employee motivation – What is already familiar from language learning apps is now also finding its way into the working world: playful further training with gamification character. Because learning is simply more fun that way!