We believe that communication helps all employees to achieve daily goals better. Employees are more motivated, more capable of working in a team, more loyal and can work more effectively, when they feel informed and involved. “That’s what we have the intranet for!” that’s what we hear in the many conversations we have. The problem here is that many employees are often so-called “non-desk workers”. These are not reached at all or only with difficulties via the intranet. On the other hand, everyone owns a smartphone. Making the right and important parts of the intranet available on private smartphones would be the ideal solution, but this comes with special challenges for the organization and technology.

We want to help all companies master these major challenges more easily and effectively. At a time when work is becoming increasingly demanding, staff are particularly challenged. We have therefore developed Staffice as a standard tool precisely to meet the needs of medium-sized to large companies and their employees. This makes Staffice the ideal choice for your business.

We believe in the WhatsApp advantages without the WhatsApp disadvantages
Regardless of whether desk or non-desk employees, the vast majority now use WhatsApp from Facebook. A chat is an efficient tool, but it is also a massive problem, not only for data protection reasons. Unlike many other employee apps, with Staffice your employees chat anywhere with secure end-to-end encryption. The data remains on German servers or even on your own servers if you wish. User management is in the hands of the company’s management. You get all the advantages of a strong messenger – without its disadvantages.

Relevant information instead of spam
With strong group management, your information reaches the teams in the organization that need it. We have found that in this way the information also arrives exactly where it is supposed to. A big problem of conventional communication channels is that in the amount of information, one overlooks the really important ones. This is one of the biggest problems of our time and it is solved by Staffice optimally.

We are there for you
Implementing an employee app is quick, within a few business days. However, the challenges are often less technical, but lie in other areas in particular. We therefore accompany you through the internal marketing for the introduction, advice on the design and coordination with the IT department and works council. We accompany you intensively – if you want, for a lifetime.

It couldn’t be easier
We know from over 350 app projects: The user experience is the be-all and end-all for success. The user interface is an important part of this. That’s why Staffice is intuitive for everyone. The powerful content management system is completely based on the user behavior you are used to. It couldn’t be easier.

Mobile Experts and Mobile First
For almost 20 years, the Staffice team has been developing mobile solutions and delighting its customers. We think mobile first. That’s why our system runs on all popular mobile devices with Android or iOS. But of course, you can also access all information via a desktop or notebook.

Operating system for the next step
We designed Staffice as an operating system or platform. New modules can be added by third-party vendors or by your own IT. This enables flexible further development from which everyone benefits and also offers endless new possibilities in the future.

APIs instead of new software
A large number of interfaces enable the connection of numerous systems in your company. This will result in many synergy effects in the future.

Partner instead of customer
We understand the cooperation with our customers as a partnership. Time and again, professional friendships develop over time that extend beyond the end of the workday.

The cheaper guarantee
We demand of ourselves to be the best. Nevertheless, price is often the deciding factor. Show us a cheaper comparable competitor offer and we will undercut it.